FiRE bids Bush bye-bye, welcomes Obama!

Move BUSH! And take GMA with you!

On the day before inauguration, your friendly FiRE sisters went all the way to the nation’s capital to bid Bush a proper and long overdue, GOODBYE!

Above, our very own Jennine and Krystle choreographed a farewell dance that echoed, “Move Bush, Get Out the Way! The People Had Their Say! Obama’s Here Today! Take GMA, take GMA!”

At the 4-hour mobilization outside of the Philippine Embassy right around the corner from the White House, we celebrated Dubya’s last day and demanded for him to take his rotten puppet, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, with him. Because of their long standing relationship, Bush and GMA have engineered Philippine politics as a sorry reflection. As long as GMA is in power in the Philippines, the Bush administration’s anti-people policies of war, shrinking social services and violence will continue.

But, the American people have had their say and Filipino Americans and Filipinos in the homeland echo it. FiRE joins thousands in welcoming President Obama! And hopes in his new administration, he will take a closer look at the US-Philippines relations, the military aid that has been poured into the Philippines and the human rights violations that increase along with it!

Welcome Prez Obama!


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