(M.U.S.E.) Movement to Uncover Self-Expression

In the summer of 2010, Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FiRE) invited all women to participate in free weekly art multimedia art workshops with our new project called MUSE- Movement to Uncover Self-Expression.

MUSE has been developed as one of the creative and educational projects to support and carry out FiRE  and GABRIELA’s (gabusa.org) iVOW campaign, a six-month initiative to combat violence against women.  The workshop aims to address a cross-section of women from the New York City area with the common interest in creating dialogue around female identity and analyzing different forms and concepts of violence through visual art.
MUSE featured five workshops, three of which focused on illustration, watercolor and photography as each visual art medium serves as an platform for dialogue about women’s issues, such as violence against women. The last two workshops were open studio sessions where participants were encouraged to work on a final piece to be shown as part of a culminating exhibition on July 29th at the SEIU/1199 Union Hall gallery space in Midtown Manhattan.
The MUSE workshops were facilitated by three women artists, Arlene Rodrigo, Sara Jimenez and Anna Sian of FiRE.
For their bios and for more information about the workshops, please visit the MUSE blog at museartproject.wordpress.com.

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