There are several ways to join or contribute to FiRE, please scroll below!  For further information, please email us at !


ARTISTS!  We need you!

We are always looking for Pinays to share their art!  Whatever your discipline, if you’re looking for a venue, we’d love to have you!  Please contact us at if to inquire for opportunities at our upcoming events!

Diwang Pinay 2008  Silent Art Auction

Diwang Pinay 2008 Silent Art Auction

Diwang Pinay is an annual arts showcase featuring  orginal work and content by Pinay artists!  We host a silent auction for donated visual work, and an artists showcase for Pinay performers.

If you are interested in either donating or performing, please contact us at


What are your types of membership?
FiRE has 3 different brackets of membership to meet the capacity of different members.  These are Friend, General Assembly member, and Executive Committee member.  Anyone can be a Friend of FiRE, and can volunteer for events and attend our educational discussions.   The General Assembly member must be woman-born or woman-identified and of Philippine descent.  She must undergo an orientation program, attend and facilitate educational discussions, attend all general meetings, attend retreats, and take voting privileges  for organizational seriously.  An Executive Committee Officer, must meet all requirements of a General Assembly member for at least 6 months, and be appointed by the collective consensus of all General Assembly members.  General Assembly and Executive Committee Officers pay a small amount annually for dues, but are not penalized for financial hardship.


3 thoughts on “Get INVOLVED!

    • Hi, Kristine!

      We have a lot of cultural performances for Filipina performers throughout the year. Our biggest showcases are Piney HERstories (4/22/10) and Diwang Pinay. Are you an artist? If so, do you have links to your work up on the internet somewhere?

      Hanalei R.
      Cultural Work Chair

  1. Hi Jackie!
    I’m sorry for such a late reply, but I didn’t receive a single e-mail! Maybe msn is acting up, I’m not entirely sure. And I’m actually a def jam poet. Kimmie David is the one who actually recommended for me to try to get involved so hopefully I’ll be able to! Just let me know 🙂 I would really appreciate it.

    My Last Open Mic Performance:

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