Justice for Filipino Trafficked Teachers! National Day of Action is March 17


MARCH 17, 2014


On the death anniversary of Flor Contemplacion (a Filipino domestic worker who was unjustly executed in Singapore), GABRIELA USA will be taking action across the United States and launching the JUSTICE for Filipino Trafficked Teachers campaign.

Since 2003, batches of teachers have been illegally recruited and trafficked to the U.S. by Philippines-based recruitment agency owner Isidro Rodriguez. Case complaints have been reported to Philippine Embassy officials in the past as well as to the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). However, the response from the Philippine government has been inadequate and unsatisfactory.

We call upon Filipinos, friends, and allies across the nation to join the teachers in their struggle for justice!

New York
6:00PM Rally & Speak Out
Philippine Consulate
556 5th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Campaign Demands:

Prosecute Isidro Rodriguez and Investigate Philippine Government Institutions NOW!
Just reparations for trafficked victims! Cancel teachers’ high interest loans NOW!
Hold accountable loan sharks in cahoots with Isidro Rodriguez!
Immigration Relief for trafficked victims in the U.S.!

We are Women Workers, We are NOT Slaves!
Stop Imperialist Exploitation & End Modern Day Slavery of Migrant Workers!
STOP Forced Migration of Our People! End the Labor Export Policy!
Justice for Filipino Teachers and their families!



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