Anakbayan NJ’s statement on FIRE’s 5th Anniversary

April 14, 2012

Warm revolutionary greetings to our sisters in Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment or FIRE!

We, from Anakbayan New Jersey, send our solidarity and congratulations to you on your 5th anniversary of proudly serving the people.

As Lorena Barros had said, “The Filipina, through her militant participation in the revolutionary struggle, has thus brought to life a new woman… She is a woman who has ‘discovered the exalting realm of responsibility’, a woman fully engaged in the making of history, in the destruction of imperialism and feudalism and the building of a new democratic society. No longer is she simply a woman-for-marriage, but more and more a woman-for-action. A comrade.”

FIRE has continuously proven that the woman’s place is in the struggle. FIRE has been at the forefront of campaigns and mass struggles, from the outbreak of the Occupy movement, to the May Day planning meetings, from Domestic Violence cases up to our current Anti-Labor Trafficking campaign. You have shown, through your practice that women’s liberation is ultimately inseparable to our people’s social and national liberation.

Also, FIRE has grown into one of the most prominent and prestigious organizations in our community. FIRE has continuously served as the vehicle for Filipina women to concretely and directly contribute to our people’s struggle. We commend your solid and sustained organizing that continues to build the collective power of Filipinas in our communities.
Currently, we are faced with the worsening crisis of global monopoly capitalism. This is manifested in the rising unemployment and domestic repression here in our communities and escalating US intervention back home. To confront this crisis, It is now your challenge to organize and mobilize the most oppressed among Filipina women: the Filipina migrant worker. It is with them that you will be able to unleash the full militancy of the New Filipina in the heat of class struggle.

To the New Filipinas, our kasamas, more power to FIRE and more years of serving the people. We look forward to building with you, side by side, towards a brighter future.

Mabuhay ang FIRE! Mabuhay ang GABRIELA!
Long live the national democratic women’s movement!


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