Want to go on EXPO 2012? Let FiRE know by February 2012!

Hear the stories FIRST-HAND of a movement millions of women strong by going to

GABRIELA-USA’s Summer EXPO 2012!

If you’re AT ALL interested, please fill out the attached questionnaire
and email to fire.nyc

Prep sessions begin mid-February, 2012.

For the past four years, GABRIELA USA members have participated in Exposure Trips to the Philippines. During these expos, members have integrated with GABRIELA-Philippines, the national alliance of progressive grassroots women organizations of the National Democratic movement for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

Exposure Trips build the organizing capacity and cultural understanding of U.S.-based participants who are focused on organizing Filipino communities. An Exposure Trip allows participants to experience the concrete conditions of the Philippines by immersing them in local organizations and communities under the GABRIELA alliance.

Past exposurists have planted rice with farmers, spent a day as students at universities, organized cultural nights with indigenous groups, shared analysis of LGBTQ issues, discovered the partylist system by speaking with progressive partylist representatives, experienced the struggle of urban poor families, and participated in rallies and mobilizations against militarization, human rights abuses, corrupt governance, and U.S. intervention.
Most importantly, exposurists learn from GABRIELA women how they arouse, organize, and mobilize their respective communities for genuine social change against socio-economic marginalization and bring these lessons back to the Filipina community they serve in the U.S.

This is an exclusive opportunity for women who are members of any GABRIELA-USA organization: babaeSF (San Francisco), Filipinas for Rights and Empowement (New York City), Pinay sa Seattle (Seattle), SAMAKA (San Francisco), and Sisters of GABRIELA, Awaken! (Los Angeles)

Expo programs typically occur in the month of July, but will be finalized based on participant schedules.

For more information, please visit this page: https://firenyc.wordpress.com/our-programs/phils-exposure-program/

GABUSA – Individual Expo Application.doc


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