EDUCATE. ORGANIZE. MOBILIZE. A Reportback brought to you by FiRE!

UPDATE: If you can’t make it out, watch us LIVE! on FiRE’s UStream Channel! Send us your questions via chat during Q&A!

  Six women. Countless Stoires. Only ONE reportback. About a MASS MOVEMENT POWERED by the PEOPLE.
In 2011, six FiRE sisters traveled to the Philippines on an exposure and integration program with a major goal in mind: to experience first-hand what the MASS MOVEMENT in the Philippines is like.  They’ve come home to share the stories of the people and communities they met, learned from, and organized with.  Join us for this special reportback on the vibrant, people-powered National Democratic Movement of the Philippines!

Reportback brought to you by FiRE

MON NOV 21, 2011
International Action Center Solidarity Center
55 West 17th Street, Suite 5C
8PM-10PM, doors open at 7:30PM (Please note the time change!)

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