Thank You for Attending Diwang Pinay


For the first time in our organizational history, Philippine Forum, KABALIKAT Domestic Workers Support Network, and Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FiRE) were able to collaborate to present Diwang Pinay: Kasaysayan sa Likod ng Kababaihang Migranteng Manggagawa , The Story Behind the Migrant Woman Worker as a full length, original stage production. We are tremendously grateful to you for making the time to support our work and to hear the stories of our community. The lasting effects of this year-long collaborative process lie not only in the scripting and performance of DIWANG PINAY itself, but also in the strengthened community ties with women workers, local community groups, and you, in progressing the militant women’s movement.

If watching Diwang Pinay has moved you to the point of action, we invite you to rally for International Working Women’s Month on Saturday, 3/26, 12pm noon at the Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaza in Harlem (123rd St & St. Nicholas Blvd.) Also, if you would like to join FiRE or learn more about our programs, please email Cris Hilo at; or if you’d like more information about the programs at the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center in Woodside, Queens, please contact Jonna at

We thank you for bearing witness to these struggles, and hearing the voices of the working women of our community. Thank you for coming, and being a part of our community too. //

Sat, 3/26 IWWD Harlem Rally:


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