FiRE’s Unpacking Violence Exhibit Tomorrow – January 25

Aloha FiRE pamiliya!

Thank you for an amazing FiRE retreat weekend! You all continue to inspire me and give me the love and strength that makes me feel whole. I love you all!

I am emailing you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help spread the word for tomorrow’s Art Exhibit. Most of you know that our show was cancelled last year in October and was censored by 1199 SEIU. As a militant women’s organization we will not remain silent! Our political objective is to educate our community that there are different forms of violence that women all over the world are facing. Through our IVOW to Fight Violence Against Women campaign we as FiRE help to educate our community and encourage them to take action!

Please forward the below email to ALL your family and friends and give one last push for this very important event!


Our very own FiRE sisters, Arlene, Candice, Sara, Amihan, and Julie will have there artwork up!!!

Please help spread the word and invite all your family and friends!

Below is the Facebook invite that you can forward to your friends!!/event.php?eid=150851751633919

please forward widely…….

Tomorrow night! Tomorrow night!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 6pm-10pm
Unpacking Violence Opening Gallery Exhibit
bOb Bar and Gallery
235 Eldridge St.
(btwn Stanton and Houston)
New York, New York!

Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment-Gabriela USA and community allied organizations, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development and Malcom X Grassroots Organization invite you to our “Unpacking Violence” opening gallery exhibit. FiRE’s Unpacking Violence gallery exhibit was inspired by GABRIELA-USA’s comprehensive national educational campaign VOW (Voices of Women) versus VAW (Violence Against Women). The art show aims to expand the definition, awareness, and discourse of violence against women (VAW) in order to break the culture of silence around this issue and to combat its occurrence.

+ Sara Jimenez
+ Julie Jamora
+ Candice Sering
+ Mia Roman Hernandez
+ Arlene Rodrigo
+ Sophia Leung
+ Pedro Mata
+ Eloise Green
+ Amihan Doctor
+ Yul-san Liem


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