Help end the ongoing Korean War TODAY!


Tongil means unification.  Source:

Please tell Obama the the Secretary of State to end the costliest war in U.S. history!   Please sign the petition here:

Find out more about the Yongbyon Nuclear Complex in • “Retaliation, Retaliation”
by Paul Liem of the Korea Policy Institute, Nov 25, 2010

Let’s hope that both North and South Korea step back from the brink. As I wrote in 2003, “The Korean War was a cataclysm, a terrible outpouring of blood and destruction. The 1953 armistice that halted the war may well have been only a provisional peace. Fifty years later, nearly two million soldiers face off across the DMZ, weapons of mass destruction abound on both sides, and military forces in the region are at hair-trigger readiness. Unless North Korea and the United States embark on serious negotiations rather than dead-end talks, a bigger, badder sequel to the 1950 conflict will be the unintended consequence. After the Deluge, as the old spiritual put it, ‘God gave Noah the rainbow sign. No more water, the fire next time.’

• “Crisis in Korea?”
by John Feffer, Co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus in the
Huffington Post, Nov 23,2010

A second option, analysts said, is to take steps to de-escalate the tense military standoff near the disputed maritime border on the west coast between North and South Korea. That line, drawn unilaterally by the U.S. Navy when the Korean War ended in 1953, has never been recognized by the North. It has been at the center of many of the military clashes between the two countries in recent years, including Tuesday’s artillery battle.

• Tim Shorrock
Posted on the Daily Beast.


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