Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana: Please donate to the people!

Please donate to GABRIELA here, via one of FiRE’s  PayPal account:  http://bit.ly/ornJy

Dear Friends,

This past weekend, tropical typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) ravaged northern Philippines, causing epic flooding to metropolitan Manila. At least 86 people have died, with dozens of others still missing- nearly 300,000 people are displaced, unable to return to what, if any, is left of their homes. Many of those who died were women and children of the communities we serve.

Natural disasters like this often have a more devastating effect in the Philippines because of a number of factors, including deforestation and poor public infrastructure resulting from government neglect and corruption. Many of the communities and chapters we, as members of Gabriela USA, work closely with- Tatalon, Bagong Silangan and Commonwealth in Quezon City- are devastated. Families were forced to climb up to their roofs for safety and rescue. In Bagong Silangan, four houses, with whole families still inside, were swept away by the raging waters of the river.

Here are just small glimpses of the calamity:

We have always been proud to serve these communities, and now they need our help more than ever. We humbly ask for your assistance, in any way you can. FiRE is undertaking two fundraising drives. Recognizing that sending in-kind donations such as food or clothing may take at least a month, we are raising monetary donations first to send to the Philippines for immediate assistance, then gathering in-kind donations to send in a month.

Our goal is to raise $1000 in cash to send directly to GABRIELA Philippines by October 3. If you can spare $5, $10, or $20 to help us reach this goal, we would be eternally grateful. Donations can be made in cash or check to any of the FiRE sisters, or through our PayPal account here.

Thank you so much for your time, and in advance for your compassion.

Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FiRE)


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