6/22 Workers on the Move: The Global Crisis and Migrant Labor

To get ready for the G20 in Pittsburgh this September, let’s start understanding what this economic crisis is all about.  You’re invited to…

Workers on the Move: The Global Crisis and Migrant Labor
A Forum Sponsored by RESIST!, International Migrants Alliance, Ibon Foundation and the World Council of Churches
22 June 2009, 7-9pm,
Boss Room, 8th Floor, UN Church Center
777 United Nations Plaza, New York
Take 7,4,5,6 to Grand Central

The global financial and economic crisis continues to deepen and cause untold suffering among working people in the world.  The International Labour Organisation estimates that as many as 52 million more workers would join the ranks of the unemployed this year alone plus millions more in the next few years as  the global economy continues to stagnate.  Migrant workers, especially women workers and those in irregular status, are among the most vulnerable sectors in the population amidst the downturn as they are among the first to be laid-off or forced to accept lower wages and poorer working conditions in order to retain or get new jobs and continue to send remittances to their loved ones.  They are also used as scapegoats of the jobs crisis, hence face increasing discrimination, xenophobia and racism.

This 2-hour public forum will critically examine the current global crisis and proposals to deal with the crisis from the perspective of working people, particularly migrant workers.  It will consist of a panel of three (3) speakers (15 minutes each) followed by an open forum and speak out (1 hour).
The three panelists will include:

  1. Paul L. Quintos, Policy Officer of Ibon Foundation, to discuss the roots of the global financial crisis in the real economy
  2. Teresa Gutierrez, Dep. Secretary General of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) to discuss the implications of the crisis on working people and the need to globalize our response and solidarity
  3. Rev. Deborah De Winter (tbc), WCC Programme Executive for the United States, to share churches’ response to migrant workers’ concerns, and views on reforming the international economic and financial system.

This shall be followed by an open forum and speak-out of migrant workers.

Contact Details:
· Bernadette Ellorin of IMA <ateberns@gmail.com>; Telephone: 917-561-7587
· Athena Peralta of WCC <womenandgloby@yahoo.com>;
· Paul Quintos of IBON <pquintos@ibon.org>;


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