Hoy! What do you think of Obama’s Administration?

Hoy! What do you think of Obama’s Administration?

Just Click Here: Filipino-American Survey on the Obama Administration

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ObamaThe election of the first African-American President signals “change” for many US citizens and immigrants in the US.

The sign of the newfound hope for change is not only evident with American society but the rest of the world anticipates change as soon as the new president takes over the White House. There are more than a hundred issues that everyone is concerned about: economic bailout, war in the Middle East, global warming, reproductive rights, same-sex marriage rights, etc. But what about the concerns of Filipino-Americans? What is the Fil-Am agenda?

Among Filipino-Americans (US citizen or not), there is a need to find out what is our common ground and what is the most pressing Fil-Am agenda to be addressed by the new administration. It is also just as important to find out Filipino-Americans think of the new administration in relation to the Philippines.

The following survey is an effort to come up with answers to these questions. This survey was created by BAYAN USA.


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