No Raids Committee of Queens

Original Article in NY Times reporting the arrests

Article that talks about how they were released

Hello All,

As people may know, a horrible raid/arrest happened in Queens against day laborers a few days ago (see article below).  While we are still sorting out some of the facts and details of the incident, what we do know, reported by Alberto (day laborer, organizer and member of this committee) is that a few days ago the police arrested 10 day laborers who were waiting on 37th Ave. and 69th Street.  According to Alberto, the police and/or ICE came to the corner and asked the workers to disperse.  There were 10 people who for some reason were arrested as a result of this police action.  We also have heard that the workers have been released (article also attached below) on a 6 month probation or something of that sort.  While this is good news, it seems clear that the police were intimidating and harassing the workers who are seeking work at this corner.  Another thing that Alberto reported is that the corner itself is becoming increasingly more busy as other workers are having a tougher time finding work in other sectors due to the economic crisis.

The No Raids Committee of Queens is planning an organizing meeting so we can discuss the proper response that the committee should take.

We would like to meet at 2:30 to start the discussion at 3pm.

We are looking into reserving the Diversity Center (76-11 37th Ave.); although the space is not confirmed.

PLEASE COME WITH ALL IDEAS, THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS and feel free to invite neighbors, co-worker, friends…etc.

Thank you,
No Raids Committee of Queens


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