Please support the Kiryung women workers and Nodutdol

*please circulate widely*

The Kiryung workers need your support!

Come out this Tuesday, 10/21 at 1:30pm and join the Kiryung women workers in a traditional form of protest, Sam Bo Il Bae (slow march with a full bow after every 3 steps). We also need a lot of help with various tasks that day- filming, holding pickets, leafletting, etc. so please come even if you are unable to participate in the Sam Bo Il Bae.Tuesday, 10/21, 1:30 pm

in front of McGraw Hill Building (office of Siruis Satellite Radio)
49th St. btwn 6th and 7th Ave.

The delegation of Kiryung workers and their supporters from South Korea represent 200 unjustly fired workers, primarily women, who were hired to produce Sirius radios and receivers through labor arrangements that falsely rendered them temporary workers and denied them any rights to negotiate with their employer Kiryung Electronics. They are here to bring their claims for justice directly to Siruis Satellite Radio Inc.For more information on the workers’ struggle, go to
Email or call 646.567.9607 for information regarding the Tuesday action.

Posted in solidarity with our allies.  Please see the album for our recent organizational share with Nodutdol.


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