Justice for Rachelle Mae Palang!

Mae-Mae was killed by elements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines on Sept. 18 in an alleged encounter with New People’s Army rebels. Her face was barely recognizable; she was shot at point-blank range. Her feet and legs were black and bruised, signs of torture evident elsewhere in her beaten body.

Source:  Bulatlat

Created by our kasamas in AnakBayan NJ/NY


2 thoughts on “Justice for Rachelle Mae Palang!

  1. Let us all join forces together to stop any senseless killing of the youth in the Philippines just because they are trying to pursue some radical changes in our corrupt society.

    Rachelle Mae Palang had a healthy fear of God. She was raised in a loving and caring family whose parents raised her to be always ready to help those in need particularly the poorest of the poor. Let us not allow her death to go in vain. May her legacy of total self-givng be an inspiration for all of us who truly care for the least fortunate ones all over the world.

    Let us rally together to promote peace and defend the dignity of every human being irregardless of color, creed, race of social status. Rachelle Mae Palang is truly a hero for every loving human being in the world. God reward her for all her sacrifices.

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