July’s Pinay Brunch

Hello ladies!

July’s Pinay Brunch is around the corner!

Let’s take advantage of this lovely summer weather and have another picnic in Central Park! There is a nice open patch of grass near 72nd St. on the Upper East Side that faces a cute little pond. It’s a popular spot for Hunter College students to eat lunch. Just so we don’t get separated and lost, let’s meet by Hunter College first and walk over to Central Park together!

Pinay Picnic
DATE: Sunday July 27th, 2008
TIME: 1:00PM
MEETING PLACE: Hunter College – Lexington Ave. bet 68th and 68th Streets – Take the 6 Train to 68th St.-Hunter College (you’ll see a big black abstract sculpture outside of the main building)

Ideas for what to bring:
-juice boxes!!!
-fruit slices
-paper plates & plastic utensils
-aluminum foil (for taking home leftovers)
-soccer ball

You can even wear your bikini top to tan!




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