Local articles on immigration

Immigrant beaten to death:
1) Democracy Now Headlines
2) NPR coverage

Librarian who Grew up in US Faces Deportation
3) FOX8 News

1) http://www.democracynow.org/2008/7/21/headlines
Mexican Immigrant Beaten to Death in Pennsylvania:
Charges are expected to be filed this week in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
against a group of teenagers who beat a Mexican immigrant to death last
week. Witnesses said six white teenagers brutally beat
twenty-five-year-old Luis Ramirez while yelling racial slurs. When one of
Ramirez’s friends tried to stop the beating, one of the teenagers said,
“Tell your Mexican friends to get out of town, or you’ll be laying next to
him.” Ramirez came to the United States six years ago. He was the father
of two children and was engaged to Crystal Dillman, who grew up in

2) http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92677116
SHENANDOAH, Pa. July 18, 2008, 02:12 pm ET · Luis Ramirez came to the U.S.
from Mexico six years ago to look for work, landing in this town in
Pennsylvania’s coal region. Here, he found steady employment, fathered two
children and, his fiancee said, occasionally endured harassment by white

Now he is headed back to Mexico in a coffin.

The 25-year-old illegal immigrant was beaten over the weekend after an
argument with a group of youths, including at least some players on the
town’s beloved high school football team, police said. Despite witness
reports that the attackers yelled ethnic slurs, authorities say the
beating wasn’t racially motivated.

Hate crime or not, the killing has exposed long-simmering tensions in
Shenandoah, a blue-collar town of 5,000 about 80 miles northwest of
Philadelphia that has a growing number of Hispanic residents drawn by jobs
in factories and farm fields.

An investigation continues, and no charges have yet been filed, but police
say as many as six teens were involved in the fight, which ended with
Ramirez in convulsions and foaming at the mouth. He died early Monday of
head injuries.

Crystal Dillman, the victim’s 24-year-old fiancee, who is white and grew
up here, said Ramirez was often called derogatory names, including “dirty
Mexican,” and told to return to his homeland.

“People in this town are very racist toward Hispanic people. They think
right away if you’re Mexican, you’re illegal, and you’re no good,” said
Dillman, who has two young children by Ramirez and a 3-year-old who
thought of him as her father.

On Dillman’s fireplace mantel hangs a medallion of Jesus that Ramirez was
wearing the night he was beaten. Ramirez had an imprint of the medallion
on his chest, marking where an assailant stomped on him, she said.

Police Chief Matthew Nestor acknowledged there have been problems as the
community — the birthplace of big band musicians Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
and home of Mrs. T’s Pierogies — has tried to adjust to an influx of
Hispanics, who now comprise as much as 10 percent of the population.

Teenagers have sprayed racially tinged graffiti and yelled racial slurs at
the newcomers, he said.

“Things are definitely not the way they used to be even 10 years ago.
Things have changed here radically,” Nestor said. “Some people could adapt
to the changes and some just have a difficult time doing it. … Yeah,
there is tension at times. You can’t deny that.”

Police are still interviewing suspects and witnesses. Preliminarily,
though, they have determined that Ramirez, who worked in a factory and
picked strawberries and cherries, got into an argument with a group of
youths that escalated into a fight in which he was badly outnumbered.

“From what we understand right now, it wasn’t racially motivated,” Nestor
said. “This looks like a street fight that went wrong.”

Retired Philadelphia police Officer Eileen Burke, who lives on the street
where the fight occurred, told The Associated Press she heard a youth
scream at one of Ramirez’s friends after the beating to tell her Mexican
friends to get out of Shenandoah, “or you’re going to be laying next to

Shenandoah Valley High School principal Phillip Andras said he knew little
about the alleged involvement of any football players. A call by the AP to
the athletic director was referred back to the principal.

But the players’ possible involvement has added to interest in the case.
Football, along with the town’s many block parties and festivals, is a
major attraction; home games typically draw thousands of fans.

Arielle Garcia and her husband, who were with Ramirez when he was beaten
late Saturday, said they had dropped their friend off at a park but
returned when he called to say he had gotten into a fight.

She saw someone kick Ramirez in the head, she said, and “that’s when he
started shaking and foaming out of the mouth.”

The Garcias said they heard the youths call Ramirez “stupid Mexican” and
an ethnic slur.

Burke, the former Philadelphia officer, said she saw shirtless youths
swarming around Ramirez, called 911 and went outside, when she heard a
youth yell obscenities and make the get-out-of-Shenandoah remark.

Despite the witness statements, Borough Manager Joseph Palubinsky said he
doesn’t believe Ramirez’s ethnicity was what prompted the fight: “I have
reason to know the kids who were involved, the families who were involved,
and I’ve never known them to harbor this type of feeling.”

(This version CORRECTS the gender of the friend in the 14th paragraph,
beginning “Retired Philadelphia …”.)

3) Here Since Childhood, Alamance Co. Librarian Now Faces Deportation Last
> Edited: Thursday, 17 Jul 2008, 8:13 PM EDT
> Created: Thursday, 17 Jul 2008, 5:12 PM EDT
> FOX8 News
> Marxavi Angel Martinez, an Alamance Co. librarian, is an illegal immigrant
> who was arrested and now faces deportation.
> Link: http://www.myfoxwghp.com/myfox/pages/pollP44Question
> ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — An Alamance County librarian who has been
> in the U.S. illegally since she was 3 years old was arrested at her job by
> federal agents earlier this week.
> During an investigation of the Alamance County Health Department, an
> Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent received information from
> the county Sheriff’s Office regarding the status of Marxavi Angel
> Martinez, 23.
> “This is one of those cases when the information came up, it’s something
> the county is not going to turn their head to when there’s a violation of
> the law,” said said Alamance County Sheriff public information officer
> Randy Jones.
> Martinez’s husband, Marcos Miranda, said the two attended Cummings High
> School together. They married two years ago and have a 15-month-old son.
> “I don’t know … maybe we do something wrong, but we only have to have a
> future for my son,” Miranda said.
> The criminal complaint filed against Martinez in U.S. District Court
> indicates the librarian was using a deceased person’s Social Security
> number and was paying taxes on her vehicles.
> Martinez is now facing deportation. Miranda said his wife has no memory of
> living in her native country Mexico, nor does she have immediate family
> there.
> “When she came to the United States, how old was she?” asked Miranda. “3
> years old.”
> A spokesperson for ICE said the agents are simply doing their jobs, which
> include enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books.
> “We are not anti-immigration in this county whatsoever,” said Jones. “But
> we’re going to continue to be anti-criminal. I don’t back away from that,
> I don’t think any of us here do.”


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