New Season! New WEBSITE!

Hello, friends! Welcome to our in-progress website!

FiRE Women at the 2008 Philippine Independence Day Celebration

We are super busy here at FiRE planning the summer away after having spent a weekend in May planning the next six months for all of our supporters! Please celebrate with us: FiRE has DOUBLED! So many more women are now helping build our local community, and with about a year under our belt, we couldn’t be more grateful!

With expanding, we realize we need to upgrade some things in order to meet the needs of a new and larger body. Therefore, this new site with more capabilities is long overdue! We’ll be using most of the summer transferring our old files, but you can still access articles and statements at our old site should you need to reference them:

Other than that, have a fantastic summer! Say hello if you see any of the FiRE women around the way, since we’re a pretty friendly bunch of folks!

Hanalei (aka the techperson!)


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