Community Action

Like any other ethnic communities, it is a tradition of Filipinos to celebrate any historic event, like the Philippine independence, with much festivity…food, parade, lively music, theater and dance are all of which the community partake to grace these occasions. The Philippine Forum is unique for carrying various social issues of the Filipino people as its yearly theme in various forms, for this year, the rice crisis, the Sentosa 27++, and the graft and corruption in the Philippine government.

It is in this spirit of festivities that two youth leaders of the Kappa Pi Fraternity (Kapatirang Pilipino) of the Philippine Forum/NAFCON delegation were selectively coerced and separated from the group for no reason at all by elements of the New York Police Department-Philippine Consulate of New York-PIDC, Inc. collusion. NYPD’s alibi though was that they “merely acted based on complaints”, and guess who these were, yes, you are right, the very organizers of the Philippine Independence Day Parade – the Philippine Consulate of New York and the PIDC, Inc.

Join us this coming Friday June 06, 2008, 5:30pm for the community action to be held in front of the consulate, condemning the “aborted” arrest of Rusty Fabunan and Peewee Recaido during the Philippine Independence Day Celebration.

For more information, contact Yancy or Michelle @ (718)565-8862.


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